X-Ray Device and Specific Search Mirror

IP Cameras

The operation system of X-ray devices is Linux-based and protected against system errors and crash. The image interpretation program has been developed to ensure the operator to do interpretation best and is easy to use. The device can do organic/inorganic scraping with a single button. It frames narcotic and explosive threats and alerts the operator by its X-Act technology. More than 20.000 online recorded images can be accessed easily by folders generated on a year, month and day-basis.

Specific Search Mirror

Special search mirror ensures transversal and longitudinal imaging of the lower sides of large vehicles, cars and vehicles and is designed for night use and has a wheeled, ergonomic, convex and large angle mirror that is designed to identify foreign objects.

Special search mirrors are classified according to their use areas and used to manage security at crowded places requiring security measures and at the entrances of parking lots, military fields and organizations.