Security Solutions with Camera Systems

IP Cameras

IP cameras, is a type of camera that can be used either wired or wireless by using internet or network connection to monitor and record intended places from afar, which plays a major role in ensuring area security,. IP cameras have many features such as programmability, image recording and alarm-motion detection.

Motion Sensitive Wireless Cameras

It is an advanced imaging tool that allows to monitor difficult to access areas where is no GSM, internet or network communication or electonic connection. The camera triggeres by a motion which enables to start of taking videos and pictures. When there is sufficiency of light, it is able to take a black and white picture with the infrared flash. Infrared flash functioning completely silent and latent. It can take more that 3000 shots with a single charge.

Long-range Cameras

With the instant notification of security breaches coming into the wide open space, real-time and preventive security services provided. The latest advances in thermal imager with the combined advanced image processing, allows thermal cameras to deliver clear images without being affected by rain, humidity, fog and sparkling sunlights. Also image processing breaches are detected with high accuracy without being affected by wind and small animals.

Thermal Cameras

It consists of lenses and sensors that measures the thermal energy emitted from the objects. These high-tech devices that sense temperature models in the infrared wavelenghts spectrum, without direct contact with the equipment. The imporatance of these devices has increased with the development of heat-guided missiles, night vision systems and similar millitary techniques.