KBRN Mobile and Fixed Detectors

ChemPro100i mobile detector is designed to detect, classify and distinguish chemical leaks generated by accidents and hazardous chemicals. They are leading chemical substance detection devices in their own class and their wrong alarm risk is minimized by their utilization ease and low maintenance cost. Reliable and rapidly working ChemProFXi set detectors are chemical substance detectors designed for set use without a need for a user-interface and chargeable batteries and have the same properties as ChemPro100i. A chemical substance data base needed for each assignment can be selected.

Usage Areas and Featured Specifications

  • They are used effectively and reliably for chemical substance detection and monitoring ,
  • In discovery and observance activities,
  • In extensive organizations and high security requiring meetings,
  • In activities of security forces,
  • For controlling leaks and damaged containers,
  • For monitoring industrial areas,
  • At the ports and in railway transportation,
  • In customs and border check ups.