Güvenlik Dedektörleri ve Bariyerli Sistem Çözümleri

Security Detectors

They are preferred when loss of time is caused by separately checking critical objects such as packages, bags and suitcases at places with a dense people circulation and at entry points that can cause waiting. Security detectors can determine metal crime elements that people can hide based on their operation principles. An X-ray device or a body search detector can determine a metal object on a person and alerts the security staff and according to the sound strength, light or vibration, the security staff searches these people more thoroughly. Hence, an object that can be considered a crime element is restrained before it enters.

Barrier Systems

They are the fastest and most effective solutions to prevent any type of undesired and uncontrolled entries or to control entries and exits. Superior security measures are provided at places with assassination, terror-caused attack risks and where vehicle exits are not wanted to achieve an effective security by using barrier, rising bollards and trap barrier systems.