Chemical and Explosive Substance Spectrometers

They are new-generation devices defining liquid and solid hazardous chemicals and explosive substances in the field rapidly and precisely. They are designed for places requiring high security precautions (customs protection check points, scene investigation units, cryptology units, etc.) and used for defining various solid and liquid substances including explosives, hazardous industrial  chemicals (TIC), chemical warfare agents (CWA), drugs. It can define chemical agents that are to be detected by both establishing contact and without contact. It starts to sample the range area in a short time by introducing the scene to the device without entering the intervention area owing to its superior library. It has re-designed its gem for high security requiring places including customs protection check points, scene investigation units, cryptology unit, etc.

Featured Specifications

  • The first and only manual spectrometer in the world as two in one
  • Providing any type of defining to the product with or without contact
  • A library containing more than 12.000 articles
  • Rapid and precise defining
  • Hand-Held Portable