Biometric Identification Systems

Biometric Identification Systems

Customhouse Gates, Customs Transit, Dormitories, Ministries and Police Departments, which require absolute security measures, we provide integrated Biometric Identification Systems regarding to this entrance controlled by fingerprinting, finger vein recognition and facial biometrics whereas the person identification solutions.

Fingerprint Identification Systems

Fingerprint biometrics are obtained upon the full reflection of visible lights by the optical sensors. With the fingerprint identification systems;

  • Recording of visitors or staff members with 100% accuracy of authencity identification and entry-exit timelines;
  • Implementation of staff member roll call or entry-exit control.
  • Ensuring obligatory working hours of staff member; and by using the integration system it is impossible to imitate or make a copy of a fingerprint.

Finger vein Recognition Systems

Finger vein biometry is obtained with near infarared reflections. By finger vein recognition;

  • The primary biometric feature is that it does not react on the hand surface changes such as burn, cut, sweating etc. And focuses only on a vessel layer.
  • Is not affected by damages that may occur on the skin.
  • Verification is provided without any connection.

Facial Recognition Systems

Facial recognition systems include on an active biometric technology with the ability to recognize knowledgeless people in crowded areas and passing control points. With the developing technology, the facial recognition system can turn a photo or video image into a code that describes the characteristics of the face. This system is also used in a private areas as a afar distance recognition security tool. By Facial Recognition System;

  • Identify persons in crowded areas without the knowledge of the persons/without interupting their personal area,
  • Recognition with no need of specific motion of person,
  • Extinguish of human-related monitoring errors at the screen,
  • Identification and tracking of more than one person from a camera live transition or a video file.


Face Identification Technology Application Types;

  • Fastest Face Detection and Identification Infrastructure through moving and snapshot analysis/tracking via CCTV System,
  • Facial Detection and Identification through recorded videos and wide photo archive,
  • The lowest affection rate of mustache, beard, glasses, etc.
  • Minimal influences from different facial expressions and makeup differentness.