These are non-standard decontamination cabins designed specifically for threat determination and decontamination to be used by VIP and protocol members who are the direct target of any type of terrorist acts that could be conducted by using KBRN agents. There are changing, threat determination and diagnosis, decontamination and dressing cells within the cabins.

Changing Cell

All clothing of the persons are removed and placed on the collection unit and the diagnosis-determination process is initiated by a single button.

Threat Determination and Diagnosis

It determines whether there are radioactive or chemical agents within the collected particles by its chemical substance detectors. The produced sample sample is determined in a computer environment.


It decontaminates from all toxic chemical warfare agents and toxic industrial chemicals by its decontamination system.

Dressing Cell

Bodily surfaces are decontaminated from all KBRN agents and persons are taken inside the hospital.