KBRN Surveillance

Mail surveillance systems are used by terrorists and malevolent people throughout the world as a threat risk. There are generally hazardous or nonhazardous white dusts in these suspicious packages or letters.

The Places Under Threat Risk;

  • Critical Public Buildings; Personnel’s life loss and chaos throughout the country caused by such an attack can be prevented and lives of state administrators can be protected by surveillance of cargo and letters coming to critical buildings where country administration is carried out.
  • Finance and Business Center; quarantining a bank’s central office for a day because of a denouncement or suspicious envelope can cause millions of liras of damage. Therefore, cargo arriving to buildings and centers which are subject to threats should be inspected.
  • Embassies and Missions; Embassies and international missions in Turkey have become the target of any type of terrorist attacks due to the developments experienced in the Middle-east recently. Therefore, cargo and mail coming to these organizations must be inspected.