KBRN Protection Wear and Equipment

KBRN Protection Wear and Equipment

Special wear that we have provided to Prime Ministry Disaster and Emergency Relief Agency can protect the users completely from chemicals in solid, liquid and gas form against gases including acetone, ammoniac, carbon-disulfide, ethyl acetate, ethylene oxide, hydrogen chloride and methanol for minimum 540 minutes and maximum 240 minutes against sulfuric acid. They provide perfect protection against both industrial chemicals in a great range and warfare agents. The product is designed for low risk processes specifically and can be used for many different applications including measurement taking and carriage processes carried out regarding non-explosive hazardous substances in the atmosphere. The outfit has 4 different types.


A Class KBRN Wear (provides protection against industrial chemicals, biological agents and other toxic substances).

B Class KBRN Wear (provides protection during industrial applications containing hazardous gases, liquids and solid particles).

C Class KBRN Wear (provides protection against the thinnest dusts, small particles, acids and alkali solutions).

D Class KBRN Wear (prevent contact with solid and liquid chemicals).