Immediate Treatment and Intervention Sets

Immediate Treatment and Intervention Sets

Immediate treatment and intervention sets provide maximum work safety in high risk imposing areas of fire departments, mining and chemical industry. 

İntervention Sets

They ensure intervention against toxic and caustic chemical agents that cause damages in the blood and circulation system. Moreover, basic prevention sets are comfortable and easy to use and consist of gloves and masks and provide effective protection against viruses and bacteria.

Protective Wear

These different gas-impermeable protective wear models offer comfortable protection means against industrial and biological agents.

Multiple Gas Detection Devices

They detect gas in risk imposing areas by means of their infrared sensors and owing to their various gas measurement properties.

Masks and Filters

Masks and filters have an impeccable mounting convenience, skin-friendly silicon structure, wide panoramic appearance and fire and industrial hoods provide work safety effectively.

Escape Units

They provide effective safety especially at places where toxic gas and/or oxygen deficiency can occur abruptly.

Special Design Face Masks

Integrated protections sets have been prepared specifically based on military requirements to protect the respiration system, face and eyes and have a NIOSH certificate. They provide superior protection in the nervous system, circulation system and respiration system against any airborne biological, chemical and radioactive agents.

Military protection sets can filter 115 to 140 liters of air per minute continuously and provide comfort in settings with high humidity and temperature owing this characteristic. Claustrophobia possibility is minimized with user comfort.

Featured Specifications

  • Flexible and Impact and scratch resistant owing to its unique polyurethane visor
  • Full field of vision and compliance with weapon sight
  • Prescription eye glasses can be mounted within the mask.
  • External protectors designed for tough environmental conditions
  • Special protectors against intense light
  • Sharp images can be received by filtering certain light wavelengths.
  • A perfect anti-fog tool
  • Respiration and use ease
  • Complying with NATO military requirements

KBRN Immediate Treatment and Intervention Sets

Immediate Intervention Sets, provided to Prime Ministry Disaster and Emergency Relief Agency are prepared specially and can be used by wearing overalls and by a respiration set including an oxygen tube to prevent bacterial infection in the body by carrying it to a location having an air pressure higher than the atmospheric level.

By Immediate Intervention Sets, contamination of deadly viruses can be prevented including

  • Ebola,
  • Mers,
  • Avian flu