Illumination Systems and Protection Bags

Illumination Systems and Protection Bags

Illumination Systems

Illumination Systems have a large use area.

  • Natural disasters
  • Temporary shelters
  • Military operations


They are ideal illumination solutions for use by the administration centers.  There is no heat dispersion in especially use areas owing to its new-generation LED technology. Therefore, they don’t cause a fire threat in especially tents and temporary shelters constructed of highly flammable materials.


Protection Bags

Protection Bags are made of a certified homo-polymer-copolymer compound by using a solid wall structure that is more durable than the cell nucleus and solid nuclear wall. They consist of;


  • A water-impermeable insulating polymer structure,
  • Lock protectors reinforced with stainless steel,
  • Double-step latches,
  • An automatic pressure-balancing valve.